BTFRI attendees

What is BTFRI?

The Big Ten Fund Raisers Institute (BTFRI) is an intensive retreat where leading professionals share techniques for meeting common goals, accounts of successful practice, and information about emerging challenges. In the current economic climate, when higher education is relying more than ever on philanthropic support, high-level interactions like BTFRI are crucial to help you stay ahead in the field.
Since 1963, the Institute has been helping higher education’s leading development professionals hone their skills in a relaxed and intimate setting. As the first educational conference specifically designed for the most experienced college and university fundraisers, BTFRI has nurtured the careers of some of our fields most respected leaders for more than five decades.

Who should attend?

We invite applications from the very top fundraisers; the leaders in higher education. If you’re seeking a forum where you can share the latest ideas in development with your accomplished peers from around the country, we invite you to apply today.
  • BTFRI participants will benefit from the exchange of ideas and experiences with Institute faculty and presenters, as well as outstanding peers from our rapidly changing profession.
  • Attendees will be given the opportunity to reassess their development strategies in a private, productive setting, removed from the demands of busy schedules.
  • Presenters will discuss the latest fundraising challenges and share creative ways to take advantage of new opportunities. BTFRI will truly reinvigorate your enthusiasm for higher education development.

Words from several of our faculty members . . .

Every August I make my way to BTFRI. The quality of the conference’s content and collegiality conspire to make it one of the finest professional development opportunities around. It’s well worth the trip from anywhere.

Lynette Marshall
President and CEO, The University of Iowa Center for Advancement; Dean, BTFRI

BTFRI is one of the strongest conferences in the country because of its small size and extraordinary participants. It provides wonderful opportunities for formal and informal interaction.

Rhea Turteltaub
Vice Chancellor, External Affairs, UCLA

From my first experience at BTFRI as an attendee in the Summer of 2011, to now being on faculty, I have appreciated the unique learning experience it provides for senior development leaders. BTFRI provides opportunities for honest conversations and informal networking, and gives us all the chance to step away from our busy careers, to focus on personal and professional development.

Alison Traub
Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations, University of Cambridge